How Is The Practice Of The Linear TSX Vibrating Screen Bearing Housing?

Shaker loosening problems lead to frequent shaker failure, and shaker bearing seat installation defects and make daily inspection and maintenance work intensity and difficulty increased, and then restrict the normal operation of the entire production system.

Taking the shaker in the production line of a concentrator as an example, the fastening way of shaker bearing seat is discussed.

1, shaker bearing seat problem analysis

1.1 Installation method of shaker bearing seat

In this production line, the linear vibrating screen amplitude is 8 ~ 11mm, the working frequency is 16Hz, the driving motor power is 11 ~ 22kW, the speed is 970r/min. The screen machine is driven by the principle of double motor synchronization, driving motor through the strong belt coupling (soft connection) directly driven in the screen machine side plate on the shaker, so that the screen machine work.

Then tighten the bolts, so that the shaker bearing seat installation flange and shaker bearing seat pressure plate is attached to the vibrating screen side plate inside and outside the two surfaces; Continue to increase the bolt tightening torque, so that the shaker bearing seat and pressure plate tightly clamped vibrating screen side plate, so that the shaker bearing seat is installed and fixed on the vibrating screen side plate; Finally, the shaker eccentric block and guard are installed until the entire shaker installation is complete.

1.2 Analysis of existing problems

Vibrating screen in the production process is always in a state of vibration, so the vibration screen body on the installation of components easy to loose, such as shaker bearing seat, shaker shield, sieve plate, which shaker as the vibration source of the shaker, the fastening bolts are more likely to loose.

The fastening bolt is located in the inside of the shaker shield, screen machine stop, simply by eye is unable to judge whether it is loose, but the contact inspection must take time to remove and install the shaker shield; Screen machine operation, more can not be observed, only according to the vibration and sound of the screen machine to determine whether loose.

As loose found lag, so once there is loose, light fastening processing affect the shift production downtime, or cause the vibrator bearing seat and the pressure plate hole cutter grinding severely damaged must be replaced, or make the damage to the side of vibrating screen plate help hole is very difficult to repair, because of the vibrating screen side help board generally can’t change, so after repair vibrator can’t restore to the original installation state, It’s more likely to loosen. Bolt loosening can not be found in time, resulting in the tightening and loosening of shaker bearing seat increased difficulty.

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