How Is The Vibrating Mine Screen?

The company’s design team can customize the vibrating screen equipment according to customer requirements. The vibration trajectory of the vibrating screen is a complex spatial curve. Furthermore, the crushed material groups with different particle sizes are uniformly perforated multiple times through the single-layer or multi-layer screen surface, and are divided into several different levels for screening. The main results are as follows:

  1. Materials with different particle sizes and thicknesses enter the screen surface through the feeder. Vibrate the exciter by selecting different sieve plates. The material on the sieve surface is loose, expanding the space between the large particles.

Small particles can take advantage of this opportunity to enter the next layer.

  1. Because the screen joints of each layer are designed and calculated. Large particles cannot pass through. Large and coarse particles are formed in the upper layer and small particles are formed in the lower layer. to obtain the desired end product.
  2. The fine material on the sieve surface is smaller than the sieve seam. Finally, the final product is obtained, the material is separated, and the complete screening process is completed.

4.4. What we need to pay attention to is that when the fine particles pass through the vibrating sieve, even if the particles are smaller than the sieve hole, the difficulty of passing through the sieve is different. It is almost impossible for materials with a size similar to that of the screen to pass through the gaps in the screen.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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