How Is TSX Linear Vibrating Screen Design More Reasonably ?

The adaptability of equipment has increased significantly.

Working principle of TSX linear vibrating screen:

WZ double motor linear screen is a new multi-purpose screening machine designed by the technical engineers of Wanda Company. There are many ways to adjust the running track of materials. It can choose to use double vibration motors or single vibration motors according to the handling capacity.

Small screen machines generally use a single vibration motor. The adaptability of equipment has increased significantly; The material is directly discharged, and the processing capacity is large.

It can reach 350Kg/150s. Therefore, it is also called flour filter screen.

According to the number of layers and specific material conditions of the vibrating screen, the hourly output of the linear vibrating screen varies from 0.05-20 tons. Generally, it is made of stainless steel and carbon steel, which can be selected by users according to their needs.

Of course, the reality is complex and changeable. In order to better deal with the complex screening environment and diverse materials, the linear shale shaker also better serves the material screening through special process design – suspension linear shale shaker, air-cooled linear shale shaker, silo linear shale shaker, etc.

  1. In addition to the characteristics of the general linear vibrating screen, the suspended design saves the space at the lower part and reduces the noise. However, small linear vibrating screen is the best choice for suspension design, otherwise excessive pressure on the top of the wall will threaten production safety.
  2. Air cooled linear vibrating screen

The air-cooled linear vibrating screen is equipped with a fan cooling system on the basis of the linear vibrating screen, which can continue screening after cooling the high-temperature materials. Compared with the traditional water-cooled design, the air-cooled type is more suitable for screening materials that are afraid of water and moisture.

For example, when the washing powder is just produced, it is about 120 ℃ high temperature. If it is not cooled, it is difficult to carry out the next step of treatment, and the washing powder is very afraid of moisture. At this time, the air-cooled linear vibrating screen will be the right choice.

  1. Bin type linear vibrating screen

The bin type linear vibrating screen is equipped with a hopper feed bin, and the feed speed can be controlled by adjusting the feed bin plug-in. At the same time, the feeding silo can be connected with the upstream feeding equipment to realize automatic feeding, save labor and improve efficiency.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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