How Many Types Of TSX Vibration Screens Are There?

TSX vibrating screen can produce single layer, double layer, three layer and four layer sieve, best of all our sieve has higher screening efficiency and performance, because the strong vibrating vibration of the sieve reduces the material clogging the sieve. At the same time, we have a simple structure of the vibrating sieve, it is easy to disassemble and replace the sieve surface. It is also characterized by low energy consumption per ton of material.

Vibrating Screen power plant has two forms: direct vibration motor and simple motor through the clutch indirect exciter drive, can meet a variety of environmental needs; the surface of the sieve is made up of metal woven nets, rods, casting, welding, punching, etc. There is a single layer structure or a multi-layer pattern on the screen surface, meeting the requirements of various screening operations. used in industries such as mining, coal, building materials, electric power, chemistry. It is a common screening plant in blast bunkers, coking plants, etc.

As a professional mining equipment manufacturer, TSX Vibrating screen always offers the best mining products to meet your various needs. works well in our client’s mine. pay attention to the vibrating sieve, at the bottom We introduce it according to the transmission mode and sieve layer.

TSX vibrating screen is a low frequency rotating vibrating screen that simulates artificial vibrations. the principle is that instantaneous motion is a synthesis of radial motion and circular motion (screw motion) along the axis of motion.

During the design, the TSX Vibrating Screen will support the selection of the most suitable vibrating screen. If you encounter any service or failure problems, you can also get technical support from us. As technology advances, our screen production expands more and more.


TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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