How much does a dewatering system cost?

Dehydration refers to separating the coal and water in the coal slurry so that the remaining moisture in the coal meets the national sales standards and allowing the extracted water to be recycled. The dehydration system of water mines has the following three methods: combined with coal preparation plant; dedicated ground dehydration workshop; simple dehydration system and Dewatering Screen.

★There are three ways to dewater water mines:

✬Combined with coal preparation plant

✬Dedicated dehydration workshop on the ground

✬ Simple dehydration system

The dehydration method combined with the coal preparation plant is to transport the coal slurry directly to the mine or a nearby coal preparation plant through pipelines, and combine the coal preparation technology for dehydration, so as to produce clean coal and achieve the purpose of dehydration. This method has the advantages of good dehydration effect, improved coal quality, and significant economic benefits. It is an ideal method for water mining dehydration and is the future development trend. Except for a few water mines in my country, this dehydration method has been adopted.

The special ground dehydration workshop is set up for water mines without coal preparation plants. Its dehydration equipment and dehydration process are similar to those of coal preparation plants, but there is no coal washing equipment. Compared with the coal preparation plant, the total investment and production costs of the two are similar. Since it does not have a washing link, the coal quality and economic benefits are not as good as the coal preparation plant. Therefore, except for special circumstances, this dehydration method will not be used in the future.

In the simple dehydration system, lump coal is dehydrated using a vibrating screen (or scraper screen), while fine coal and pulverized coal with smaller particle sizes are dehydrated using a coal scooper and a sedimentation tank respectively. This dehydration method has the advantages of simple equipment, low investment, and short construction period. However, due to its shortcomings such as poor dehydration effect, high water content, poor water purification treatment effect, large sedimentation tank area, and poor conditions for cleaning the sedimentation tank, it is generally limited to water resources with relatively small reserves and output. Well (area) or hydraulic recovery area.

★Advantages of Mine Dewatering Systems

Compared with traditional dehydration equipment such as vacuum filters and filter presses, mining dehydration systems have the following advantages:

✬Efficient dehydration

The mining screen dewatering machine can reduce the moisture in the slurry to a lower level in a short time, thereby improving production efficiency.

✬Easy maintenance

The equipment has a simple structure, few parts, and easy maintenance, which reduces the company’s operating costs.

✬Environmental protection and energy saving

The dehydrator for mining will not produce noise and vibration during operation, and has little impact on the environment; at the same time, its energy consumption is low, saving energy.

✬Wide scope of application

This equipment is suitable for dehydrating various types of ores and has high versatility.

★Application of mine dehydration system

Mine dehydration systems are widely used in mining production, especially suitable for dehydration treatment of iron ore, copper mine, coal mine, coal preparation, gold mine, etc. This equipment can efficiently dehydrate the slurry that has been processed through coarse crushing, fine crushing, grinding and other processes to obtain dry granular solids. In addition, in the field of non-metallic minerals, such as coal gangue, shale, kaolin and other mineral dehydration operations, mining disc dehydrators also have high application value.

★The importance of environmental protection

The impact of mining production on the environment is mainly reflected in soil erosion, ground subsidence, air pollution, etc. Among them, wastewater discharge is one of the most prominent problems in mining production. The mining dehydrator can effectively separate the water in the slurry, reduce wastewater discharge, and thereby reduce the impact on the environment. At the same time, the equipment adopts a closed structure during operation, which reduces the impact of noise and vibration on the environment. During the maintenance process, the generation of waste is reduced, which is conducive to environmental protection and Vibrating Screen.

As a high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly dehydration equipment, mining dewatering machine plays an important role in mining production. Its application can not only improve production efficiency and reduce corporate operating costs, but also reduce pollutant emissions and reduce the impact on the environment. Therefore, in the future mining development, mining dehydrator systems should be further promoted and applied to promote the sustainable development of mining production.

As for the price of the entire dehydration system, it is quite broad. Specifically, different equipment must be matched according to the technical parameters of different mines. The more detailed the parameters provided, the more accurate the matching equipment will be. In the end, the equipment will be matched well. Price provided.

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