How The Banana Type Vibrating Screen Works?

TSX banana type vibrating screen is named because the shape of the screen is similar to that of a banana.

The working principle of the banana type vibrating screen is to rely on the box vibrator above the screen body to work.

The meaning of the banana type vibrating screen is a linear vibrating screen that can adjust multiple sections of screen surfaces with different inclinations.

TSX banana type vibrating screen is mainly used for screening large and medium-sized particles in coal and non-coal industries.

The banana type vibrating screen has a relatively simple structure, which can bring stable production to coal washing plants and coal mines, and the equipment itself has stable performance and can run smoothly for a long time.

Banana type vibrating screen is easy to after-sales, repair, daily maintenance and daily inspection and other operation parts are relatively simple.

Compared with the linear vibrating screen, the biggest feature of TSX banana type vibrating screen is that banana type vibrating screen can use different inclination angles of the screen surface, so that the material can realize the principle of equal thickness on the vibrating screen surface.

TSX banana type vibrating screen has extremely high screening mesh, and the processing capacity is 1.5-2 times that of ordinary screening machines.

TSX banana type vibrating screen drive assembly comprises 4 pole 3 phase motor, multi V-belt transmission and layshaft assembly.  This allows the screen to pass through resonant frequency regions quickly. The motor is installed on guide rail to facilitate belt tensioning.

Belt pulleys are interchangeable to allow for operate frequency changes to be made. The layshaft assembly comprises layshaft, SKF bearing blocks, adapter sleeve, and bearing block seals, providing a reliable easily maintainable drive system.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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