How To Analyze The Design Of TSX Banana Vibrating Screen?

TSX banana vibrating screen, as its name implies, is a banana shaped vibrating screen. It uses slotted sieve plates, perforated sieve plates, woven sieve plates, bar sieve plates and polyurethane screens, which can be used for desliming, demising and grading of materials.

It is not difficult to explain the design of TSX banana vibrating screen. The TSX banana vibrating screen body uses the finite edge analysis method to make its structure reasonable, reduce resonance, and have a high anti fatigue capacity with light weight. The vibration exciter of TSX banana vibrating screen adopts ZDQ double shaft vibration exciter, and the two vibration exciters are connected by an intermediate shaft, so that the vibration exciters on both sides can rotate at the same time.

ZDQ Series Vibration Exciter For Dehydration Vibrating Screen

The intermediate shaft is a rigid shaft, free of maintenance and lubrication. The screen body of the TSX banana vibrating screen relates to the base by a buffer spring. The spring has small stiffness, which can weaken the dynamic load of the base and reduce the damage to the base. TSX banana vibrating screen has a large opening rate of screen plate, and the screen seam is not easy to block.

TSX banana vibrating screen has perfect after-sales service. Before leaving the factory, it will also conduct static and dynamic work tests to ensure that the products are qualified. The screen machine can be specially designed according to the special requirements of customers and provided for on-site assembly.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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