How To Analyze The Design Of TSX Linear Screen?

After the comparison of the overall structure scheme, the support scheme of the overall structure is determined to adopt Scheme III, namely, the pedestal TSX vibrating screen. The tire coupling is selected as the overall transmission scheme. The combination of the two schemes can make the structure simpler, without secondary transmission.

It can be seen from the overall structure diagram and the above analysis that the design of the single shaft linear vibrating screen is mainly divided into the following parts:

(1) Design of TSX screen box (including design of main boom). Its main function is that the profiling head can outline the shape of the template, so that the cutting gun can cut parts with the same shape as the template.

(2) Design of TSX exciter, advantages: in the exciter of this sieve, the unbalanced weight that generates the exciting force is respectively arranged in the middle of the shaft and on two eccentric blocks. With such a structure, the bending moment of the shaft can be minimized.

Therefore, it is possible to make the section of the shaft smaller and lighter. At the same time, because the unbalanced currency is distributed in two different positions, the eccentric block can also be made smaller, reducing the material consumption. By calculating and adjusting the counterweight of the eccentric block, the exciting force of the screen can be changed, to change the amplitude of the screen;

The shaft adopts the centripetal spherical roller bearing with automatic centering and is combined with the shaft with a tapered locking bushing. It is convenient to assemble and disassemble by using the locking bushing and the shaft. After the journal is worn, it can also be adjusted through the locking bushing; The vibration exciter relates to the screen box bearing seat with an elastic tapered sleeve;

The sealing method of the vibration exciter is that the inner side is sealed with a general felt ring (due to the high speed of the bearing), and the outer side is sealed with a reliable labyrinth seal.

(3) Support the design of components. Its main function is to support the vibrating screen and ensure the balance and stability of the whole machine during operation.

(4) The design of the base part. Its main function is to support and fix the column to ensure the balance and stability of the whole machine during operation.

(5) Design and calculation of other main parts.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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