How To Analyze The Vibration Of Vibrating Screen?

The appearance of vibration motor has simplified the structure of vibrating screen and other vibrating machinery. Many new types of vibrating machinery have been produced by using multiple vibration forms. More importantly, it has simplified the design method and design process of vibrating screen, which is also the reason why vibrating machinery excited by vibration motor has been more and more widely used in all walks of life. So what exactly is a vibration motor and what is its working principle?

This combination of specially designed motors with eccentric blocks makes the exciting force generated by the eccentric block transmit to the vibration machine through the motor when the motor rotates. The vibration motor only needs to adjust the external eccentric block to form a certain angle with the internal eccentric block,

The exciting force can be adjusted steplessly. Similar to another type of exciting source vibrator of vibration machinery, if a single vibration motor is installed, it will produce circular or elliptical motion tracks; If two vibration motors with the same model and speed but opposite rotation direction are installed, the linear motion track will be generated; Two vibration motors with different models and rotating speeds can also be used as required to generate compound vibration tracks for the equipment.

For example, two vibration motors are separately installed at the feed end and the discharge end of the screening equipment to make the feed end vibrate with large amplitude and low frequency, while the discharge end vibrates with small amplitude and high frequency. Characteristics of vibration motor:

  1. Low noise due to vibration generated by smooth rotation.
  2. Large vibration frequency range. 5. Long service life, bearing life up to 5000 hours at poles 2 and 10000 hours at poles 4, 6 and 8.
  3. The influence of power supply fluctuation is small. The excitation force of ordinary vibration exciter will change greatly due to the change of voltage, but this change is very small in vibration motor.
  4. Multi machine combination can realize self synchronization to meet different process requirements.
  5. The machine types are rich and the specifications are complete, which can meet the working needs of various vibrating machines.
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