How To Arrange The TSX Vibrating Screen Layout?

1) When the vibrating screen is selected as the screening equipment, the centerline of the screen shall be at the height of the floor. The screen should equipped with anti light cover. The structure of the dust cover must be easy to replace the screen. There shall be access doors in the front of the screen and on both sides of the screen.

When large vibrating screen is used

When the air tight dust cover is used, the top height of the vibrating screen shall be consistent with the height of the bucket elevator maintenance platform, so that it can be lifted during the maintenance of the vibrating screen

The components are suspended above the dust cover.

2) If there are more than two screens with different specifications and models in the workshop, please follow the larger size (distance from the plant column and height of the ground) and other layout dimensions shall be arranged. The screen is dependent on the size. For large screening machine, the same centerline shall be taken as far as possible on the longitudinal positioning line to make the equipment.

The layout is neat.

3) When arranging the bucket elevator, please note that a 3t manual single beam lifting device is installed above the bucket elevator. Crane beam bottom and bucket elevator drive

The center distance between driving wheels shall not be less than 1.5m for lifting the driving device. When the bucket elevator drive is exposed to the roof layout.

The top of the provides separate rain protection.

Materials enter the equipment through the entrance. According to different material screening requirements, materials will be screened through 1-5 layers of different mesh metal woven screens. Once here during the process, the lower screen cleaning device (bouncing ball) located at the lower part of each layer of screen constantly impacts the stainless steel screen through frequency vibration, thus making the materials on the screen mesh.

The utility model can be sieved through the screen smoothly, and the problem of the screen is effectively solved. Substance blockage. Materials of different grids pass through each layer. Mesh screen from each layer and Z finally reaches the purpose of screening impurities or filtering classification.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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