How To Arrange TSX Vibrating Screen Layout?

The TSX vibrating screen is mainly composed of motor, side plate, main beam, reinforcing beam, screen mesh, eccentric block, etc. The side plate is a whole steel plate, mainly made of Q235. The main material of the screen frame is Q235, and the plate is allowed to be replaced by 20g boiler steel plate, thus improving the reliability of the screen. The cross beam is a seamless steel pipe.

Torsional shear type high-strength bolts and high-strength self-locking nylon nuts are used to connect each weldment to the side plate. The crossbeam is an important structural member connecting the power source, vibrator, and screen body in the screen frame, so it bears the maximum power and has high requirements for its strength and stiffness. The connection seat at both ends is a steel casting, and there shall be no crack, sand inclusion, shrinkage cavity and other defects affecting the strength inside.

The barrel and internal bushing in the middle of the crossbeam is rolled from O235 plate. The side stiffening plate, reinforced section steel and reinforced angle steel shall ensure the flatness and flatness of the profile. Perform reshaping if necessary.

There are two types of support modes for the TSX vibrating screen, namely, the suspension type and the pedestal type. The ZK2045 TSX vibrating screen adopts the pedestal type. Spiral spring, plate spring and rubber spring are commonly used as the vibration isolation device of the TSX vibrating screen. According to the characteristics of large amplitude of the TSX vibrating screen, rubber spring is used as the vibration isolation device.

The main function of the vibration isolation spring of the TSX vibrating screen is to support the body of the TSX vibrating screen to achieve the required vibration and reduce the dynamic cutting load transmitted to the foundation or structural frame. The stiffness, weight, free height, natural frequency, and other parameters of the vibration isolation spring during the operation of the TSX vibrating screen will affect the amplitude and vibration track of the TSX vibrating screen box, thus affecting the screening effect.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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