How To Build a TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is a screening equipment for sand and gravel aggregates. It has the advantages of large output and high screening efficiency, and is widely used in sand and gravel yards, mines, building materials, chemicals, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing and other industries.

Compared with other screening and grading equipment, vibrating screen has many outstanding advantages, which can be called an enduring screening equipment. After the traditional shale shaker has been used for a long time, due to the impact of screening materials, the side plates of the shale shaker will be worn, thus reducing the service life of the vibrating screen.

Some self-employed households or farmers among many users of shale shakers need to screen some grains or relatively large particles. They don’t need too fine screening effect, and they don’t think it is expensive to buy shale shaker equipment. They want to make simple shale shakers themselves. Here, the shale shaker manufacturer recommends a method to make simple vibrating screen:

1、 Make a vibrating screen box that is similar to a cuboid, reserve the discharge port, and weld the discharge nozzle. A triangular drive plate with an angle of about 45 ° is welded under the box. (If one layer of screening is required, two discharge openings can be reserved)

2、 Weld a screen frame according to the width and length of the screen box, and fix the screen on the screen frame. Put the screen frame installed with the screen into the screen box.

3、 Then weld a support (feed end) with front lower and rear higher (outlet), horizontally install a horizontal vibration motor on the box, and support 4 springs at 4 corners of the box, thus a simple vibrating screen is made.

When using vibrating screen, it is sometimes necessary to select screen bodies with different mesh sizes according to actual needs. The screen bodies of common shale shakers are usually fixed by welding or threaded connection. When disassembling and replacing the screen bodies, it is troublesome to climb onto the support, dismantle the connection structure, and then lift and fix the other screen bodies.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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