How To Build A Vibrating Screen?

If we want to know how to build a vibrating screen , we must first understand the structure of the vibrating screen. The overall structure of the vibrating screen is relatively simple, the design is also very reasonable, and the operation is also very simple.

Before fixing the screen to the screen frame, measure the width and length of the screen frame, and then install it on the vibrating screen after fixing. After that, a bracket needs to be installed at the outlet and a horizontal vibrating motor needs to be installed on the vibrating screen to diy the simple vibrating screen.

The structure of the vibrating screen the vibrating screen body and the vibrating screen plate are bolted or welded. Make a vibrating screen box which is similar to a cuboid, and leave a good outlet and weld the discharge nozzle.

The triangular transmission plate of about 45 °is welded under the box. Then weld a support which is low in front and high in back (discharge port), install a horizontal vibration motor horizontally on the box, and support four springs at four corners of the box, so that a simple vibrating screen is made. The applicable bolt is not an ordinary bolt, but a high-strength bolt, otherwise it can not be fixed. Because, after the screen classification, the function of the whole vibrating screen can be changed, dehydrated and classified.

The function of the damping spring is to build vibrating screen vibrate and build a vibrating screen achieve appropriate vibration. during this period, the load in the transmission process or operation process is also reduced.

If the intermediate treatment is removed, it is also a vulnerable part. The shape and arrangement of the sieve plate will directly affect the screening effect.

But what we need to know is that build a sample vibrating screen, in fact, the technical content in the middle is not to be underestimated, if you can not find the correct position of the motor board, then the screening effect can not come out, simple vibrating screen is only for relatively large particles, the output does not require too much, and does not need too fine screening effect of some users.

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