How To Build The Model Of TSX Vibrating Screen Box?

Vibrating screens are large mechanical tools, vibrating screens can be used in different industries in mining operations, coal mines and construction companies for mining, It is composed of screen box, vibration exciter, screen mesh, screen frame, shock absorption spring, etc., of which the screen box is one of the main parts. The model of screen box is built as follows:

Establishment of vibrating screen box model The finite element analysis ANSYS is used to establish the finite element model of the screen box. There are two methods:

1. When building the screen box model, you can directly use the software ANSYS, or import it into ANSYS after it is established in other software, such as PRO/E software. This is a time-consuming and labor-intensive modeling and calculation method, and the calculation results may be inaccurate and unsatisfactory;

2. It is an accurate, simple, convenient and fast way to directly establish the finite element model of screen box by using shell element and plate element in ANSYS. According to the research on the model, it is found that the cross beam and the side plate are also very important. They are connected by flanges. The side plate has several parts, each part of which has different thickness.

Each part of the steel plate is welded together, and it is also connected to the strong beams of different sections. The cross beam can weld the rolled side plates, which are treated as strengthening beams. The cross beam is used for connection. Therefore, when building a model with this method, we should pay attention to that there should be a common node used to transfer loads.

The common node is the connection of different side plates, the connection of side plates, stiffening beams, and side beams. If there is no such connection, there will be deviation in the calculation results. If the model is not built successfully, the plates and beams will be separated, causing the model to fail to be built.

If the side plates of the shale shaker are dry, the model should also be represented by common nodes. No matter which way they are connected, welding or flange connection should be displayed in the element grid after the model is established.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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