How To Build The Output Of Vibrating Screen?

The vibrating screen for mining is a large-scale screening equipment for mining, and the use of this kind of vibrating screen to screen materials generally requires large output. Since the models and specifications of each shale shaker manufacturer are different, the output of each equipment is also different. How to improve the output of shale shaker?

There are several ways to increase the output: 1. Improve sieve plate structure and increase opening ratio. High porosity can speed up the screening of materials.

2. Increase sieve plate area. The screening area can be determined by the size of the sieve plate. The larger the screening area, the more materials will be screened.

3. Adjust the appropriate sieve angle. The larger the sieve tilt angle is, the greater the screening efficiency will be. However, if the angle exceeds a certain value, the screening effect will be affected.

4. Increase the exciting force of the vibration exciter. The greater the exciting force, the more materials will be screened.

5. Regularly maintain the vibrating screen, clean the screen surface, and check the vibration exciter.

TSX vibrating screen has high opening rate of screen plate, screen gap is not easy to block, high screening efficiency, wear resistance, long service life and convenient disassembly. The operation of the exciter of TSX vibrating screen generates a linear vibration force, and the included angle between the direction of the excitation force and the horizontal is 45 degrees.

The vibration exciter of TSX vibrating screen adopts SKF special bearing, which has super large, exciting force and long service life, and is easy to maintain, durable and reliable.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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