How To Build The Vibrating Screen?

Model building of vibrating screen box

Using finite element analysis ANSYS software to establish the finite element model of sieve box, there are two methods, one is to directly use ANSYS software to establish the solid model of sieve box, or in PRO/E software to establish the solid model and then imported into ANSYS, this method will take a long time to model, calculation, and may not calculate the ideal result;

The second method is to use shell element and plate element in ANSYS software to establish the finite element model of the screen box. This method is fast in modeling, fast in calculation and accurate in results.

Design drawing according to the study of the vibrating screen, screen box side plate is divided into three parts, the thickness is different, the material of the same plates welded together, and on the side panel and a variety of different cross section shape reinforced beam, and plays a role of connecting beam, to the edge of the lateral plate rolled up, we also use it as a stiffening beam processing, including strengthening beam and side panel welding connection.

The beam and the side plate are connected by flanges. When using shell element and plate unit modeling so, need to note that after the model based on unit grid, which lies at the intersection of different thickness of the side panel, side panel and the joint of beam and the reinforced beam, the unit must have public node, to load, otherwise the calculation process unit between the plate and plate element and beam element will happen from, lead to inaccurate results, Model creation failed.

The side plate of the vibrating screen is composed of a number of surfaces, the boundary line of the surface and the surface is to strengthen the beam, the intersection of the boundary line is the connection point of the beam and the side plate, so that after the division of the unit grid in the model, whether through welding connection, or flange connection, in the model by the common node to represent.

In addition, in the screen frame side plate model, due to rivet and flange at the reinforcement, whether its quality or stiffness on the screen frame system is very small, if established in the model, and will bring great trouble to the unit grid division, virtually will increase many units, so it will be ignored.

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