How To Build Vibrating Screen?

The overall structure of the vibrating screen is relatively simple, the design is also very reasonable, and the operation is also very simple. Before fixing the screen on the screen frame, it is necessary to measure the width and length of the screen frame, and then install it on the vibrating screen together after fixing.

After that, it is necessary to install a bracket at the outlet, and also install a horizontal vibration motor on the vibrating screen, so as to make a simple vibrating screen. But in fact, there are still many standards for the production of vibrating screens, and manufacturers must be strictly required to be meticulous.

The function of the shock-absorbing spring is to make a vibrating screen, so that the build vibrating screen can achieve the proper vibration, and during this period, the load during the transmission process or the operation process is also reduced. The build vibrating screen body and vibrating screen plate of the vibrating screen are welded or welded with bolts.

It should be noted that the applicable bolts are not ordinary bolts, but high-strength bolts, otherwise they cannot be fixed. According to different working forms, the vibration exciter can be installed in two layers: one is in the middle and upper part of the screen box; the other is at the bottom of the screen frame.

The installation of the exciter will directly affect the working trajectory and vibration effect of the vibrating screen. In the process of build vibrating screen, the role of the screen is also indispensable. Because, after the screen is classified, the function of the entire vibrating screen can be changed, dehydrated and classified. If the intermediate treatment is removed, it is also a vulnerable part. The shape and arrangement of the sieve plate will directly affect the screening effect.

Therefore, in order to reduce the impact of vibration on the basic equipment, the vibrating screen must pass through the shock-absorbing spring before it can work. Due to the relatively large vibration and noise generated in the work, it will also cause environmental pollution. However, if the vibrating screen absorber springs are arranged reasonably, the impact of vibration on the ground can be reduced, and the use, quality and service life of the vibrating screen will be improved.

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