How to Calculate The Capacity Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

First, the one-way method of linear vibration will be explained, and then the rotation method of circular vibration will be explained.

 When screening materials with a weight of 1.6t/m, the allowable depth of the bed shall not exceed 5 times of the screen, and when screening materials with a weight of 0.8t/m, the allowable depth of the bed shall not exceed four times of the screen hole.

In general, attention should be paid to:

The following formula is often used to calculate the capacity of vibrating screen

The total formula is: VSC=D * W * V * C

VSC is the capacity of vibrating screen

D is the depth of the riverbed

It is easy to calculate the bed depth to determine the optimal screen width. If the depth of the bed is too deep, the material will not contact the screen surface. The depth of the fine screen bed is very important, especially when cleaning, to ensure that the sprayed water penetrates the entire depth of the material. Cohesive, clayey material, UG 2, gypsum requires high-frequency linear horizontal to slightly inclined screens.

Finally, all the parameters needed to calculate the material flow rate on the screen are obtained. Now, you can easily calculate the traffic through the formula defined below.

These units are typically tons and hours.

All these calculation steps are provided as examples, and all values used here are randomly selected. You can follow the same calculation steps in the calculation, or you can change the type of calculation according to the exact value you have. All operations discussed here are reversible, which means that if the flow rate is known or a specific flow rate is required, the material speed, vibration motor running speed or system stroke can be easily calculated in the same way.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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