How To Calculate The Size Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

Here, metal wire is selected to weave the screen surface. The screen hole size is 8mm, the diameter of light steel wire d is 2mm, the opening rate is 64%, and the length width ratio is 3:1.

Calculation of handling capacity of circular vibrating screen:

Approximate calculation by formula [7]: (4-1)

Where: – processing capacity calculated by feeding (t/h);

M — Correction coefficient of screening efficiency, see Table 4-10 [7]; M can also be calculated according to the following formula:


——Screening efficiency;

——Volume treatment capacity per unit area (/· h), see Table 4-11 [7];

——Calculated width of screen surface (m);


B — actual screen width (m);

L – working length of screen surface (m);

——The loose density of the material (t/).

According to Table 4-10 [7] and Table 4-11 [7], when the screening efficiency is 98%, M is 0.27, 1.1, 13.30/· h, Q=0.5T/h. According to the actual requirements, the length of the screen surface is taken as three times of the width, that is, L=2B,=0.95B, then:

So B=

The width of screen surface is 330mm, the length is 660mm, and the inclination angle of screen surface is 20 °.

Selection and calculation of motor

P= (4-2)

Where, P – calculated power of motor (KW);

——Vibration mass (kg);

——Amplitude (m);

N – vibration frequency (r/min);

D – bearing times (m);

C — damping coefficient, generally C=0.2;

F – bearing friction coefficient, f=0.005 for rolling bearing;

——Transmission efficiency, take=0.95.

According to practical experience, amplitude is generally selected according to the following range:

Circular vibrating screen=2.5~4mm

Here we take any value=3mm, n=600r/min, P=5kw, d=50mm;

Try to find=

It is calculated that the vibration mass is too large, which will inevitably increase the manufacturing cost. Therefore, it is not used. Now, P is taken as 0.5kw, and it is calculated as 1500.9kg, which is more suitable. Check the Mechanical Design Course Design Manual (Table 12-1) [1]

The motor Y801-4 is selected, the power P is 0.55kw, the speed is 1390r/min, and the mass m=17kg.

The general calculation formula of equivalent dynamic load P () is

P=X (4-3)

Where, X and Y are the radial dynamic load coefficient and axial dynamic load coefficient respectively. See Table 13-5 in Reference [2] for their values. As shown in the table: X=1, Y=0;

P=1.2, so: P=1.2=17.65kw

Calculation of rolling bearing life:

Basic rated life of bearing (4-4)

N represents the rotational speed of the bearing (unit: r/min), which is an index. For ball bearings,=3, and for roller bearings,=. According to the mechanical course design manual, C=69.2KN.


The calculated life meets the design requirements, so the bearing inner diameter d is taken as 50mm. After checking the mechanical course design manual, it can be concluded that D=90mm, B=20mm.

1.2 Life calculation of bearing

The life formula of the bearing is:

=() (6-4)

Where: unit of is 10r

——Is an index. =3 for ball bearings; =10/3 for roller bearings.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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