How To Calculate The TSX Vibrating Screen Rpm?

Vibrating screen is used for dewatering, grading, screening materials a widely used in construction, mining, coal and other industries, is a necessary equipment for many factories. TSX vibrating screen manufacturers have a variety of types and models of vibrating screen to choose from, generally has high efficiency, good stability, simple operation, energy saving, low noise and other characteristics.

Vibrating screen in operation is to rely on the role of the motor under the continuous operation, the motor for making the power source and vibration source into one, where the eccentric block and shaft rotation will produce centrifugal force, which gets the excitation force
Working frequency and working amplitude determination of the vibrating screen process effect is usually determined by the vibration strength, once the vibration strength is determined, we must choose a reasonable amplitude and frequency. Usually used for grading operations of the vibrating screen generally choose low frequency large amplitude; for dewatering, desorption operations of the vibrating screen should be selected with high frequency small amplitude;

For wet small particles of viscous material sieving operations should be selected with low frequency large amplitude. Practice has proved that the working frequency of the vibrating screen should not be less than 700r/min taking into account the different uses of different sieves, the working frequency of the sieve machine is controlled at 800900r/min, when the vibration strength in 4 and 4.5, the amplitude of the sieve machine A and frequency n distribution of the difference between the degree.
 The amplitude is generally between 2~8mm. When the screen hole is small or used for dewatering, take a small value. When the screen hole is larger, choose a large value. For the spindle speed, it can be calculated according to the following formula.

A is the amplitude (mm); n is the spindle speed (n/min)

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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