How To Calculate Vibrating Screen Capacity?

Vibrating screening equipment has been widely used in the screening and grading production process of materials in various industries. On the premise of increasing demand for vibrating screening equipment in various industries, many customers do not know about vibrating screen machinery, which leads to questions about the selection of equipment, the handling capacity of the screen, the use effect and other important issues when purchasing equipment, and even leads to wrong selection, affecting normal production, The expected purpose of purchasing vibrating screening equipment cannot be achieved.

This article will give you a detailed analysis of how to calculate the calculation formula of the screening capacity of the vibrating screening equipment, the calculation formula of the material running speed of the circular vibrating screen and the linear vibrating screen, and the calculation formula of the dynamic load. When selecting the vibrating screening equipment, you can use the corresponding formula to solve the above problems and avoid the problem of wrong selection.

  1. Calculation formula of material handling capacity of vibrating screening equipment

Q=3600 × b × v × h ×γ


Q…… Treatment capacity (unit: t/h)

B…… Width of vibrating screen equipment (unit: m)

V…… Material running speed (unit: m/s)

H…… Average thickness of material (unit: m)

γ……  Bulk density of materials (unit: t/m3)

  1. Calculation formula of material running speed of circular vibrating screen

v=kv ×λ×ω two × (1+ ) ×α

  1. Calculation formula of material running speed of linear vibrating screen

v=kv ×λ×ω× cos( δ) ×[ 1+tg( δ)× tg( α)]


V…… Material running speed (unit: m/s)

Kv…… Comprehensive empirical coefficient (generally 0.75~0.95)

λ ……  Single amplitude (unit: mm)

ω ……  Vibration frequency (unit: rad/s)

δ ……  Vibration direction angle (unit: °)

α ……  Inclination angle of screen surface (unit: °)

  1. Dynamic load calculation formula

P =k ×λ


P…… Dynamic load (unit: N)

K…… Spring stiffness (unit: N/m)

λ ……  Amplitude in m

Generally, * * large dynamic load (resonant dynamic load) is calculated as 4-7 times of the above results.

The above is the method for calculating the screening capacity and material running speed of vibrating screening equipment. Mastering the above formula should make your equipment selection more objective and correct

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