How To Choose A Vibrating Screen Rental And Purchase A TSX Vibrating Screen?

Now many enterprises in the energy industry, coal mining industry and construction industry will choose to use vibrating screens to reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency. However, purchasing and leasing have become a problem.

The rental vibrating screen may seem cheap and acceptable, but if it is used for a long time, the rental is not a small amount over time. In addition, after others use it, they do not know what problems will occur. If the work is delayed by the failure of the vibrating screen, it will not be worth the loss.

When it comes to buying a vibrating screen, someone said, can I buy a second-hand vibrating screen? My answer is of course, but we have the biggest concern about second-hand products, which is the quality. If there is no problem with this vibrating screen, why does it become a second-hand one? Even if it is returned to the factory for maintenance, it will certainly be inferior to the new product.

Of course, another possibility is that there is no problem with other people’s vibrating screens, but they have new vibrating screens, which eliminate them. There is no need to buy it. Others are using the latest and most advanced vibrating screen. If you are still using products that have been eliminated by others, it is difficult to compete with peers in terms of equipment.

How about buying a new vibrating screen? This is the best of the three choices. When you buy a new TSX vibrating screen, the main feature of the TSX vibrating screen is long service life and maintenance free, which solves the problem of the secondary vibrating screen that is prone to failure.

TSX vibrating screen has large opening rate of screen plate, high screening efficiency, stainless steel plate surface, wear resistance, polyurethane edging, easy to disassemble damaged screen plate, greatly reducing maintenance costs. The SKF special bearing used in the exciter of TSX vibrating screen runs smoothly, has a long service life, and can work normally under the temperature of – 30 ℃~+80 ℃.

So, if you only need to use the vibrating screen once, I suggest you rent it. If you want to use it for a long time and want to be competitive, I suggest you buy a new vibrating screen.

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