How To Choose Coal Machine Vibrating Screen?

The raw coal mined underground is mixed with large and small grains and central gangue, and the gangue needs to be screened out through a vibrating screen to improve the quality of the coal. After the raw coal block is crushed, coals of different sizes will be obtained, and the coal grading screen is a device for sieving and grading the large and small coals. Its working principle is as follows:

Coal falls from the top of the vibrating screen to the sieve of the grading sieve. The sieve of the grading sieve has multiple layers of screens. The uppermost screen has the largest hole. On the next layer of sieve, the last layer of sieve has very fine holes, which can screen out coal powder and dust in the coal. Each layer of sieve can sieve coal particles of the same size, and they all fall down to the conveyor belt during the vibration process, and are transported to different product piles.

Generally, coal grading screens have two-layer, three-layer, and four-layer configurations, and the screen holes can also be configured according to the size of the customer’s needs. At the same time, it is divided into various granularity levels required by users by means of vibrating sieves. Whether in large mines, coal preparation plants, or township coal mines, we can see complex or simple vibrating screens. It can be seen from this. In these factories and mines, screening is an indispensable production link.

The screening efficiency of the TSX vibrating screen is affected by the characteristics of the material itself, the surface moisture of the material, the size and shape of the screen hole, the length and width of the screen surface, the inclination angle of the screen surface, the size of the vibration quality, and the vibration frequency of the screen body.

And amplitude and many other factors. It is generally believed that when the external moisture of the material is 7% to 14%, and the dry sieving is carried out at 13mm, it is in a state of difficulty in sieving, especially for fine-grained satin coal. This viscous material will block the sieve holes, making it difficult for fine particles to pass through the sieve.


TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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