How To Choose Manufacturer Vibrating Screen Equipment?

With the development of the vibration industry, there are more and more manufacturers of mining vibrating screens. What methods do you have for choosing a manufacturer? Today, I have summarized some main selection points as follows:

  1. Reputation of mine vibrating screen manufacturer

Word of mouth has always been a topic we pay more attention to when we buy other products or equipment; with more and more manufacturers, competition and interests, word of mouth has both good and bad sides. This requires us to conduct on-site inspections during the procurement process to understand the production process, workshop and commissioning of the equipment;

  1. Service and after-sales service

Why are we talking about service and after-sales service here? Because service is not only the cornerstone of the development of manufacturers, but also a way to solve user problems and provide convenience; the after-sales service of mining vibrating screen manufacturers is also easily overlooked by many users, because perfect service can save worry in the later use of equipment, reduce equipment failure, save costs;

  1. Product quality

Product quality is also a concern of many users. The quality of the equipment we buy from the manufacturer is also one of the factors we consider; because the quality is directly related to the later use of the equipment, it will affect the screening accuracy and screening efficiency; the direct factor affecting the quality is related to the selection of materials. When buying, we should remember not to go to small manufacturers, because it is temporarily cheap; good vibrating screen manufacturers need to understand it slowly, and then they can have a general understanding in their hearts.

  1. The product is a good fit

Although the goods are cheap and high-quality, it is also very important to choose a manufacturer with low price and good quality among the many manufacturers that we have the financial resources to manufacture. If it is used in our own factory, the factory sells directly, and the price will definitely satisfy customers.

TSX products are sold internationally and within the Chinese domestic market,and comprise vibrating bulk materials process equipment for the coal and minerals industries. Products include a complete range of vibrating screens ,flip-flop screens, circular vibrating screens, sieve bends for classifying, de-sliming, drain & rinsing, and sizing, used in coal washing and preparation plants. TSX is a key supplier of products and services to large-scale .Chinese domestic mining operations, providing sourcing of imported process equipment, replacement of process equipment, repairs and overhaul services.

TSX has a professional R&D design team, the structural design of the vibration equipment adopts the modern design method. After several years of unremitting efforts, the advanced finite element analysis is applied throughout the TSX product design process.
TSX has its own CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC gantry drilling machine, CNC gantry milling machine, horizontal CNC machining center, CNC angle steel drilling production line,exciter beam assembly machine and an advanced threecoordinates quality assurance measuring machine housed in a temperature controlled quality assurance test facility to ensure the high quality and high precision of product manufacturing. Advanced manufacturing technology makes the TSX product is characterized by low noise, low power requirements,high efficiency , large capacity, long service life and less maintenance. The TSX products are very popular with customers.
At present, the annual production capacity of TSX is more than 380 sets, the products of various types of vibrating screens are being used throughout the world. TSX Company tenet:Integrity and Innovation, win-win development!

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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