How To Choose The Quarry Stone Vibrating Screen Mesh?

TSX Group is a specialist manufacturer of mining equipment in coal washing plants, crusher plants, quarries and sand mills, mining, cement and asphalt.TSX company’s products are oriented to the international and domestic markets, and provide the bulk material industry with: various vibrating screens, relaxation screens, circular vibrating screens, curved screens, high-frequency Screening and other washing equipment.

Where to buy the best screen plate! These elements of the screen interact with each other. Wire diameter is also a key factor. Its thickness will directly affect the service life of the wire mesh, which also affects the price of the product. TSX sieve plate has the characteristics of high opening rate, not easy to block and so on.

TSX can completely customize the sieve plate according to customer requirements. When the vibrating screen vibrates. Technicians calculate the appropriate sieve slot or aperture by using sophisticated instrument analysis. In turn, materials of different sizes can be passed. Material, material viscosity, water content. Need to confirm the customer’s materials, different materials, different designs. The particle size composition of raw materials is a factor affecting screening. Under the action of the vibrator and the vibrating motor, the materials of different particle sizes are separated to achieve the functions of grading and dehydration.

TSX follows the world’s most advanced mining equipment design concepts and uses proven innovative designs. High-opening deck, anti-blocking, good research and development results by the technical team, and finally achieve the purpose of long service life. All of TSX’s Mining shaker products are manufactured to international mining industry standards.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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