How To Choose The Right Sieve Machine For Construction?

Vibrating screens are indispensable equipment in mining production lines. Most importantly, the working efficiency of the vibrating screen directly affects the production efficiency of the mining company. As an important screening equipment, the screening effect of the vibrating screen will affect the final effect of the product. The following are the issues to be concerned about when selecting the appropriate TSX vibrating screen product:


  1. Material characteristics

When choosing a vibrating screen, we need to consider the nature of the material. Specifically, it includes the particle size composition of the material, water content, bulk specific gravity, clay content, etc.

  1. The structure of vibrating screen

When selecting a vibrating screen, factors such as the effective screen area of ​​the vibrating screen, the number of decks, the shape and area ratio of the screen hole, the movement mode of the vibrating screen, vibration frequency and amplitude should also be considered.

  1. Screening purposes

For different screening purposes, the selection of vibrating screen types is different.

If the material is pre-screened, a circular vibrating screen is generally used;

If the material needs to be dehydrated, deslimed, and demediated, it is better to choose a horizontal vibrating screen or a high frequency screen.

  1. Process requirements

When selecting a vibrating screen, it is also necessary to comprehensively consider the processing capacity, screening efficiency and method according to the actual requirements.

Therefore, in the actual production and design process, the technical team of TSX needs to choose a larger sieve hole size and effective sieving area as much as possible based on the actual situation and customer requirements, while meeting the requirements of the final product particle size. Appropriate sieve shape to improve the screening effect of various materials.


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