How To Choose To Buy Vibrating Screen?

Before buying a vibrating screen we need to understand what the vibrating screen is doing and what its function is. To clarify the purpose, the vibrating screen is actually a screening equipment, can be applied to any particle, powder and viscous slime or material vibrating screen machine. At present, the vibrating screen is mainly used in chemical industry, mining, metallurgy and other industries.

Know the role we want to know whether to buy vibrating screen is suitable for our work, which is to know the vibrating screen model specifications, vibrating screen mainly has high frequency screen, circular vibrating screen, banana screen and horizontal vibrating screen.

Each model also has a different function, although there is a screen, but some vibrating screen can dehydrate, such as the high frequency screen, because the vibration frequency is 50Hz, higher than others. And circulai vibrating screen, banana vibrating screen, horizontal vibrating screen are according to the shape to distinguish, function has classification, Linear screen is to do linear motion, relatively high output, simple structure, convenient maintenance. The banana screen is a vibrating screen with a vibrator and several different inclined screens.

The shape of the screen surface is similar to a banana, so it is called a banana vibrating screen. We also need to know the size of the site before purchasing, because if the site is too small, some vibrating screen will be inconvenient to operate.

In the selection of vibrating screen also consider the size of the screen plate, the number of layers, the shape of the sieve hole, size and area rate, as well as the motion of the vibrating screen, vibration frequency and amplitude and other factors these are what we need to know. Because the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen and the form of the screen surface has an inseparable link, the screening efficiency of the non-movable vibrating screen is low, and the screening efficiency of the mobile is relatively high.

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