How To Choose TSX Circular Motion Vibrating Screen Separator?

Different vibrating screens have different functions. For example, the circular motion vibrating screen separator is used to grade primary and secondary materials in the mine. So how to choose a round vibrating screen that can be used for a long time and has high efficiency?

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve
First, you should look at its appearance, that is, the surface of the screen body. The screen body surface of the TSX circular motion vibrating screen separator has undergone anti-corrosion and rust prevention treatment, or it is an integrated design.

HUCK rivets are used to clean and seal the assembly, and the side plates are not welded, which can reduce the corrosion of parts. Second, look at the excitation unit. The bearing of the exciter is very important. It can determine the service life of the exciter.

The exciter of TSX round vibrating screen is a special SKF bearing, with light internal structure and a wider range of excitation force adjustment, which can cope with the excitation force required by vibrating screens of different sizes. The third is sieve plate. TSX circular motion vibrating screen separator uses perforated sieve plate, bar sieve plate and woven sieve plate.

The stainless-steel part of TSX sieve plate is wear-resistant, with large opening rate, difficult to block the screen seam, high screening efficiency, long service life, and the polyurethane part is easy to splice and disassemble.
The TSX circular motion vibrating screen separator drives the vibration of the screen according to the vibration of the vibration excitation unit to make the material move in a circular manner. The material is divided into two parts according to the neutrality and inertia during the movement. The small part is screened under the sieve plate, and the large part is screened out from the inlet.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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