How To Choose TSX Vibrating Screen Bearing Grease?

Vibrating screen bearing grease is essential in the vibrating screen, vibrating screen in operation, the inner ring of the bearing and the outer ring and roll body relative movement, in the process of movement to produce friction, friction will cause bearing heat and wear, in order to reduce friction to increase bearing life, you can use the bearing operation smooth, available grease lubrication, where the bearing should also have a seal to keep the bearing continuously lubricated.

Vibrating screen bearing grease is a viscous large film strength of a liquid it is good heat dissipation, can be used for a long time, but can not use too much, will cause high temperature, is not conducive to the work of the bearing.

The lubricant should have low friction, good adsorption and penetration, to form a strong sense of oil film, not easy to lose and other characteristics, in order to increase the service life. Solid lubricants are suitable for bearings with deep grooves and the temperature should be higher than 200 degrees; grease: suitable for all types of bearings; lubricating oil is suitable for all bearings, all have the characteristics of low friction and low noise.

Grease lubrication is the most chosen one with 70%-80%. In the selection of vibrating screen, as the vibrating grease of vibrating screen will be thrown into the bearing by the force, so the grease of higher consistency plays a role, but the high consistency does not mean the best, so it is also necessary to choose the grease with good performance.

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