How To Choose When Buying TSX Vibrating Screen?

Screening is an indispensable link in the sand aggregate production line.Let’s see how to choose.

Vibrating screens required in different fields vary greatly. They can generally be divided into mining vibrating screens, light fine vibrating screens, and test vibrating screens. When purchasing vibrating screens, the screening purpose should be defined first.

If it is used in the mining industry, the screening weight will be large, and the screening particle size will also increase, so in this case, linear vibrating screen, mining vibrating screen and other large screening equipment will be generally selected.

 If it is used outdoors, the working conditions in bad weather shall be guaranteed, and the environmental protection performance shall be emphasized. The size, density, temperature, viscosity, corrosivity and other factors of screening materials affect the selection and purchase of shale shaker. If the materials are corrosive, special anti-corrosion materials should be selected to make shale shaker, which is a great test for the customized production capacity of shale shaker manufacturers.

The shape, moisture content and clay content of screened materials shall be considered when selecting the vibrating screen. For example, when the sand production requires high grading, square sieve is suitable, but rectangular and round sieve openings are not.

 If the production capacity is too rich, it will waste the investment of funds.When selecting vibrating screen, attention should also be paid to the requirements of beatification process.

Some powerful and experienced manufacturers will also put forward more professional suggestions to help users purchase suitable vibrating screening equipment.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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