How To Define The Disadvantages Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is often used for dehydration and disinter mediation in coal preparation plant. It is the most widely used screening equipment in coal preparation plant, because it has the advantages of high vibration intensity, stable performance, small floor area, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low cost, etc. The disadvantages are small processing capacity per unit area, low screening efficiency and reliability.  Generally, iron screen frame, thickened screen box and stiffened rib plate can meet the needs of large production.

The vibrating screen structure is composed of four parts: high-frequency vibrating motor, primary fixed grid screen and secondary fixed grid screen, vibrating spring and casing. The vibrating screen is characterized by high frequency and small amplitude. The screen surface gradient is in inverse proportion to the screening rate.

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The larger the screen surface gradient is, the faster the flow speed will be. The material will jump on the screen surface, so the productivity and screening efficiency are high. Vibrating screen is applicable to various screening operations in coal preparation plant, with many types.


The linear screen has many advantages, but its disadvantages mainly include:

  1. Poor sealing and easy mixing;
  2. The best screening material is less than 100, with a maximum of 120 meshes. The most extensive application is in dozens of materials screening.
  3. Compared with the rotary vibrating screen, the linear screen takes up large space, which depends on the customer’s site space.
  4. The materials with water can also be screened by linear screen, which can be simply dehydrated, or dehydrated+screened

Disadvantages of ultrasonic vibrating screen

  1. High price: compared with ordinary vibrating screen, the price of ultrasonic vibrating screen will be 30% – 50% higher; Users shall select the most appropriate vibrating screen equipment according to their own needs.
  2. Not applicable to large materials: the ultrasonic vibrating screen is mainly used to screen fine materials, which is not applicable to the screening of large particle materials.
  3. Not applicable to materials with high humidity: it is not suitable to screen materials with high humidity, and it is not easy to pass through the screen.
  4. Trouble in screen change: the screen is of adhesive grid structure, which requires professional personnel or tools when replacing the screen, and the setting speed is slow and the time is long.
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TSX Screen

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