How To Define TSX Vibrating Screen Gold ?

The cylinder eccentric shaft vibrator and some blocks are used to adjust the amplitude of the gold separation grading vibrating screen. It has reliable structure, strong vibration, high screening efficiency, low vibration noise, and is durable.The vibrating screen is customized according to various site conditions and processing capacity, and the screen hole size is determined according to the thickness of raw materials.

Performance characteristics

  1. The processing capacity of gold ore is large, and the ore can be washed 60-80m3/h per hour.
  2. The structure is reasonable, the strength is high, the disassembly is strong, and it is convenient for transportation and relocation.
  3. The recovery rate of gold mining is high, which can reach 75-80%. It can not only recover granular gold.
  4. It has strong adaptability and can be beneficiated in ore body under any conditions.
  5. The vibrating gold separation equipment is directly loaded by the dump truck or loader.

The crushing capacity of the crushing system in the concentrator is 170 t/h. At the end of 2017,the water content in the feed to the crushing system increased from 2. 0 % to5. 0 %,lowering the screening efficiency of circular screen,and the crushing ability was reduced sharply to 120 t/h.Through process inspection,the optimal renovation plan is decided: the double-layered screen mesh of the vibrating screen in turned into one-and-a-half-layered screen mesh,and a layer of bar screen is added to stream part of the big blocks.

At the same time,polyurethane screen mesh is replaced by high manganese steel screen mesh and vibration exciter is added to automatically clean the screen mesh. The capacity of crushing system after the renovation reaches200 t/h,the product fineness goes below 10 mm,the grinding ability is increased by 1 t/h,achieving outstanding technical and economic outcome.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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