How To Design The Angle Of TSX Inclined Vibrating Screen?

Inclined vibrating screen is for more efficient screening, the side of the vibrating screen is raised to form an angle, more convenient for the flow of material screening, vibrating screen types, according to the trajectory can be divided into circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, elliptical motion vibrating screen. Screening equipment is a mixture of different particle sizes, through the screen size into a number of different particle size level products of mechanical equipment.

The inclination angle of universal vibrating screen is 0-15 degrees, while the inclination angle of the discharge end of dewatering vibrating screen is 5-10 degrees..

Horizontal vibrating screen is used in mineral processing and other industries, usually the screen surface of linear screen needs to have a certain angle to promote the material can be better discharged, and the angle between the horizontal surface is usually less than 15 degrees, can be screened for special materials. Increase the inclination, but should not exceed 25 degrees. Normally, the motor angle of vibrating screen is usually set at 45°.
Linear vibrating screen equipment material in the screen surface to do linear motion, generally linear screen screen will have a certain inclination to promote the flow of materials in the screen, the screen and the horizontal surface angle is usually less than 15 degrees, screening special materials is possible to increase the inclination slope.
Coal probability sieve with an inclination of 30 ° ~ 60 ° screen surface, compared to the horizontal or slightly inclined screen surface screening materials, the average speed can be increased by about 3 to 4 times. Appropriate increase in the length of the screen surface, can make the product on the screen limit down rate is reduced, basically to achieve product quality requirements.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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