How To Design The Eccentric Shaft Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

Eccentric vibrating screen is one of many kinds among them. TSX Eccentric vibrating screen is used for sieving and classifying materials with low noise, easy maintenance, high efficiency, simple structure, etc. It can ensure the correct operation of the screen. It is often used in coal, construction and other industries. And the eccentric shaft is one of its main parts. All parts are made of high quality structural steel and are sandblasted and painted to prevent corrosion, and all matching surfaces are waterproof and sealed to meet the requirements of the harsh environment on site. About the eccentric shaft is designed like this.


An eccentric shaft becomes an eccentric wheel when the circle does not rotate around its own center. Eccentric shaft is a kind of part that can produce vibration, like the exciter in the screen, which can drive the screen to operate. Most eccentric shafts are round in shape because the round ones are good to process and the process is simple.

Eccentric shaft vibrating screen is one of those machines operated by a single shaft vibrator. Due to the eccentricity of the shaft, a controlled circular motion is produced with a single shaft drive. In addition, the presence of unbalanced weights helps to produce circular motion on the rotor shaft. With slopes between 15 and 25, these vibrating screens are used with a combination of high frequency and low amplitude

Machining process protocol design

  1. Part drawing analysis
  2. Determination of the blank
  3. Main machining methods for surfaces
  4. Determination of the positioning datum
  5. Classification of stages
  6. Heat treatment process arrangement
  7. Machining size and cutting amount
  8. Process development
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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