How To Design The Shaft Of TSX Circular Motion Vibrating Screen Separator?

The shaft is an important part of the separator of TSX circular motion vibrating screen. It supports other rotating parts to rotate and transmit torque, while it relates to the frame through bearings. All shafts and parts revolve around the axis. Therefore, in the design of the shaft, we should not only consider the shaft itself, but also be closely linked with the whole structure of the shaft system components.

The characteristic of shaft design is that before the specific structure of shafting parts and components is determined, the action of axial force and the span between fulcrums cannot be accurately determined, so the size and distribution of bending moment cannot be calculated. Therefore, in the design of shaft, the strength calculation of shaft and the structural design of shafting parts and components must be staggered, drawing, calculating, and modifying at the same time.

Various factors and requirements shall be considered when designing the shaft, among which the main problems are material selection, structure, strength, and stiffness of the shaft. For high-speed shaft, the vibration stability of TSX circular motion vibrating screen separator should also be considered.

There are many kinds of shaft materials. For shafts with less or less important load, A. and A. can also be used and other ordinary carbon steels. Alloy steel can be used for shafts with large force, limited shaft size and weight, and with some special requirements. 45 high-quality carbon steel is selected for design.

The TSX circular motion vibrating screen separator adopts the national leading screen mesh. The polyurethane frame is convenient for disassembly and assembly. The stainless-steel screen plate is wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and has a long service life. TSX sieve plate has high opening rate, no blockage, and good dehydration and disintermediation effects.

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