How To Design TSX Dewatering Vibrating Screen?

The dewatering vibrating screen is used for dehydration. It can be used for the dehydration of materials such as gravel, fine sand, and coal. TSX can be used for dehydration. Screens that can be used for dewatering include high-frequency screens, curved screens, and linear screens. It can also be used for slotted frits. It is used for dehydration, and its feed particle size is 0-5 mm. It can be widely used in coal preparation, construction, the chemical industry, and other industrial activities. With the function of recycling and dehydration, it is more energy-saving.

To design the dewatering vibrating screen, it is necessary to understand the structure of the dewatering vibrating screen. The structure of the high-frequency vibrating screen consists of side plates, exciting beams, lifting beams, beams, back plates, vibrators, intermediate shafts, main drive shafts, and transmission mechanisms. , buffer spring, and screen surface. The curved screen is divided into vibrating and non-vibrating. The vibrating one is equipped with an exciting motor, and the non-vibrating one has no motor. Each part has its role.

The working principle of the high-frequency screen is that the frequency of the high-frequency vibrating screen will destroy the surface tension of the material, causing the material to vibrate at a high speed on the sieve plate, accelerating the separation of the material, increasing the possibility of the contact between the material and the sieve hole, and making the material sieve more effectively. form better separation conditions.

When the curved sieve is working, every time it passes through the sieve bars, due to the influence of the liquid flow on the sharp corners of the sieve bars, the angle between the sieve bars will break the tension of the water on the surface of the particles, thereby cutting off part of the water and fine particles, making the It gets smaller.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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