How To Design TSX Horizontal Inclined Vibrating Screen?

The material passes through the centralized holes on the screen surface to become screening, and the screening machinery is called vibrating screen. There are many kinds of TSX vibrating screen, including inertial vibrating screen, resonance screen and fixed screen. Inertial vibrating screen can be divided into circular vibrating screen and horizontal vibrating screen according to the moving track of screen mesh. I’m talking about the design of TSX horizontal vibrating screen.

The angle between the screen surface and the horizontal plane is called the screen surface inclination α。 The inclination angle of screen surface is closely related to the screening capacity and screening efficiency. If the inclination angle of the screen surface decreases, the screening efficiency of the screening machine decreases and increases. The inclination angle of screen surface determines the required productivity and screening efficiency.

 Therefore, when the product quality requirements are certain, there should be a reasonable inclination. The inclined angle of screen surface is related to screening capacity and efficiency. The larger the inclination angle, the greater the screening capacity, but the smaller the screening efficiency, and vice versa. According to practical experience, the selected comparison.

The reasonable screen surface inclination angle is generally as follows:

100 thread vibrating screen or resonance screen used for screening: a=0 °~10 °

Hundred wire vibrating screen or resonance screen is used for dehydration and medium removal a=- 5 °~0 °

Therefore, the dip angles a=0 °.

The above is about the installation slope range of different types of vibrating screen. If you want to know more about the quotation of TSX inclined vibrating screen, you can consult by email or telephone.

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