How To Design TSX Linear Vibrating Screen?

Linear vibrating screen is a kind of vibrating screen used for dry separation, wet separation of materials, can be graded, desliming, desintermediation of materials, can make sand, coal and other materials into different sizes, with low energy consumption, high efficiency, long working time, etc.

TSX linear vibrating screen feed size is 0-300 mm, suitable for large and medium grain coal and non-coal materials classification, using ZDQ exciter, can use Polyurethane border stainless steel screen plate and polyurethane screen plate, where the gap screen can be used for material dewatering.

  Want to design linear vibrating screen, to understand the structure of linear vibrating screen, for the structure of linear vibrating screen consists of side plate, excitation beam, lifting beam, cross beam, back plate, exciter, intermediate shaft, main drive shaft, transmission mechanism, buffer spring and screen surface.

Each part has its role. The exciter can be used as the one to generate power, and an intermediate shaft is used to connect between two exciters in order to ensure the synchronous rotation of the left and right exciters, and the buffer spring can be used to reduce the impact and increase the life of the vibrating screen.

The working principle of linear screen is driven by double exciters, two exciters are installed in the lower part of the screen body, when running at the same time The forces generated on both sides will cancel each other out, and a force will be synthesized in the vertical direction of the motor shaft, and the material will move in a straight line in the screen plate, flowing downward with the angle of clamping for screening




TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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