How To Design TSX Linear Vibrating Screen?

TSX linear vibrating screen is a screening machine widely used in industrial and mining enterprises. It is a machine that uses the vibrating porous working face to grade the mixture with different particle sizes. TSX Vibrating screen is also commonly used for material dehydration, medium removal, and cleaning of sludge on the material surface. Single shaft linear vibrating screen is excited by a single rotary shaft, so compared with other screening machines, it has a simple structure, low cost, and less maintenance work.

Single shaft vibrating screen is suitable for screening coarse particles. In the coal preparation plant, it is mainly used for preparing and screening lump coal before manual separation, and for general classification screening of coal. The screen frame can be fixed in different ways from the general structure, so the design of the plan is mainly the general layout and transmission plan design, as well as the calculation and design of some parameters. The general layout is designed as follows:

Scheme I: the suspended vibrating screen, which is fixed in the air with steel wire rope, relates to the screen box by the spring, and uses the vibration of the vibrator to screen the vibrating screen.

Scheme II: the suspended vibrating screen, which is fixed in the air with steel wire rope, the damping spring and the upper support point are connected at V, and the vibrating screen is screened by the vibration of the vibrator.

Scheme III: Block type vibrating screen, use the frame to support the screen box, and fix the frame in the foundation with anchor screws.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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