How To Detect The Quality Of The TSX Vibration Screen?

Vibration screen as the most commonly used screening equipment, has become the main model of vibration screen manufacturers production, sales. However, due to the different production process, enterprise scale and other factors, the quality of the products produced is also very different.

  1. Appearance: high quality circular vibrating screen clean appearance, appearance. According to the different screened materials, the used materials of the screening equipment can be divided into the material contact section of 304 stainless steel and the stainless steel of the whole machine. Carbon steel parts we can observe the sand blasting status, whether there is uneven spraying, no leakage injection, aggregation and other problems; stainless steel material can check whether the surface scratches, edge burrs, welding parts whether leakage, broken welding;
  2. Performance:We buy screening equipment to improve the quality of our products, and the performance of the sieve is critical Yes, the judgment of a screening model number can start from the test. First invest a small amount of materials to observe whether the material running track is normal, whether the discharge quantity meets the requirements, and whether the screening accuracy meets the requirements. If found to be substandard, the screen machine has quality problems, immediately contact the supplier to debug or replace it.
  3. After-sales service: After-sales service is the best reflection of the strength of an enterprise. High-quality vibration screen suppliers will have a perfect after-sales service team. Its team structure is: customer service-chief engineer-technical engineer-site maintenance team. Once customers encounter difficult problems in the process of use, they can directly contact the enterprise customer service response situation (customer service must have the ability to solve common problems by themselves), and then respond to the difficult problems encountered to the engineering and technical personnel, if the on-site maintenance should immediately send on-site maintenance personnel for on-site maintenance.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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