How To Do The TSX Vibrating Screen On Both Sides Of The Amplitude Inconsistent Bolt Loose?

About some of the common faults in the operation of the vibrating screen, the network has been summarized a lot, but recently there are a lot of friends consulted a few problems in the past without sorting out, such as: vibrating screen left and right sides of the amplitude inconsistency, bolt loosening, so this system is introduced, as a supplement.

One, vibrating screen amplitude on both sides of the inconsistency and adjustment method

First of all, check the equipment, in the shaker feeding end, the bottom of the shaker, the left and right sides of the discharge end are affixed with the amplitude paste, horizontal paste as shown below:

During the single machine startup test, the amplitude difference between the two sides can meet the application requirements within 0.5mm.

1.Support the four corners of the vibrating screen rubber spring life in 8000-10000h, metal spring life in 3000-5000h. If the spring life does not reach the specified time on the occurrence of this problem, the spring due to long time overload use or spring itself quality defects caused by premature damage.

2.After continuous use of box shaker more than 8000h, the bearing size will wear, will also cause two sides of the amplitude inconsistency, only through replacement can completely solve the problem.

Two, bolt wear loose and fastening

Vibrating screen components loosening bolts is a very common kind of fault, the reason is that the gap between bolts and nuts, the buckle in continuous strong vibration and screen body contact contact and resonance, thread has been worn, tightening again can not reach the specified bolt preload, so the requirements of replacement, rather than only tightening bolts.

It is recommended not to use grade 4.8 bolts to tighten various parts of the shaker, but to use grade 8.8 bolts

The torque of a 450W electric wrench is NM240-300. Therefore, when tightening the bolts above M20, use a manual wrench or a wrench with more power to tighten the bolts to reach the specified torque value.

If the torque value does not meet the specified requirements, the fastening strength can not meet the vibration strength requirements. Tighten again after one shift of operation, mainly to eliminate the unbalance force in the first tightening process and ensure that the bolt will not loosen again.

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TSX Screen

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