How To Explain The Commissioning Of TSX Shale Shaker?

Before leaving the factory, TSX shale shaker will be tested dynamically and statically with professional instruments to ensure the quality of TSX shale shaker and be responsible for every customer.

The test run of  TSX vibrating screen is a necessary step before delivery. Before commissioning, check whether all parts of the screen machine are correctly installed and whether all fastening bolts are tightened. Then check whether the motor wiring is correct and whether the rotation direction is correct (the two motors of the linear screen run in opposite directions). The circular vibrating screen motor should rotate in the direction of material flow. Check whether the lubricating parts are well greased.

Start the test run, turn the gear by hand to see if the exciter can rotate flexibly, if it is stuck, if it does not move, and if there are sundries in the protective cover. Check the fixed facilities around the moving part of the screen machine, such as the feeding and discharging chutes, and the hopper under the screen for possible collision with the screen machine, and the distance shall not be less than 80mm.

In case of abnormal sound or abnormal spring jump during the test run, which causes the screen machine to fail to operate normally, stop immediately, find out the causes, and start again after removing the obstacles. The next step can be continued if the startup is stable and rapid without obvious lateral swing.

After starting and running normally, it is required to run continuously for eight hours (at least four hours), observe whether the screen machine has been running normally, and check the bearing temperature. The bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 45C. If imported bearings are used, the temperature rise of the bearings shall be determined according to the adopted bearing model, and generally shall not exceed 80 ° C.

If the vibrator makes abnormal noise or the temperature rises sharply in a short time after startup, it shall be stopped immediately, the cause shall be found out, and the startup shall be started after the solution. Check whether the vibration times and amplitude of the screen machine meet the requirements. The amplitude can be measured at the two sides, front, middle and back of the screen machine. Then measure the noise and measure the resonance amplitude when starting and stopping.

The resonance amplitude shall not be greater than 5-8 times of the working amplitude. If it is too large, analyze the cause and solve it. After eight hours of operation, check whether all fastening bolts of the screen are loose. If they are loose, retighten them. It is better to retighten all the screen plate pressing block bolts.

The screen body of TSX vibrating screen uses the finite element analysis method to design a reasonable combination of linear screen and vibrating screen. The exciter of TSX vibrating screen uses SKF special bearing, which has a long service life, light structure, good sealing, fast heat dissipation, low noise, convenient maintenance, durability, and reliability.

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