How To Explain The Difference Between TSX High-Frequency vibrating screen And Ordinary vibrating screen?

TSX high-frequency vibrating screen is referred to as high-frequency screen for short. Because the high-frequency vibrating screen uses a special high-frequency vibrating motor and the body adopts an ultra-high frequency structure design, the vibration comment height is 3000 times/minute, which is more effective for screening fine particles and high viscosity materials.

It has many advantages, such as high screening efficiency, small equipment amplitude, high vibration frequency, etc., so it is very different from the principle of ordinary vibrating screen.

This design of the TSX high-frequency vibrating screen can easily destroy the tension of the material surface, and accelerate the high-speed oscillation of particulate materials on the screen surface, thus accelerating the separation speed of materials with large density (large specific gravity), greatly increasing the probability of materials smaller than the screen mesh to contact the screen mesh, thus creating good separation conditions, so that materials smaller than the screen mesh, especially particles with large specific gravity, can quickly screen and separate.

TSX high-frequency vibrating screen is widely used for dehydration of powder, particle and slurry in food, medicine, chemical industry, abrasive, ceramics, mining, pigment, metallurgy, geology, national defense, electronics, and other industries.

The principle of TSX high-frequency vibrating screen is different from that of ordinary screening equipment. It uses high frequency. On the one hand, it destroys the tension on the pulp surface and the high-speed oscillation of fine materials on the screen surface, accelerates the high-density useful minerals and segregation, and increases the probability of contact between materials smaller than the separated particle size and the screen hole.

Thus, a better separation condition is created, so that the materials smaller than the separation particle size, especially the particles with a large proportion, can pass through the screen hole together with the pulp to become the products under the screen.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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