How To Find Out The Reason For Vibrating Screen Quit Working?

Vibrating screen is an important screening equipment in many factories’ automation lines at present. Once it breaks down, it will affect the operation of the whole production line. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the reason for the shutdown of the vibrating screen and implement and solve it in time.

First, check the power supply of the vibrating screen

To ensure sufficient exciting force, the vibrating screen usually adopts three-phase current and is equipped with air switch as the electrical control device. First, check whether the power supply and air switch are connected to the short circuit. Because the cable has a large swing amplitude at the entrance of the vibrating screen, the copper wire is easy to break inside, but it is difficult to see from the outside. Therefore, a clamp meter should be used to test when troubleshooting, so that it is easier to find the problem, and then connect the cable at the vibration point.

Secondly, check the motor of the vibrating screen

The vibrating motor that converts the electric energy used by the vibrating screen moves in a straight line by the swing block, which is connected by a gear and rotates backward at the same speed. Once the waveform connection of the two vibrators is wrong, and one of the vibrators is leading or lagging, the two vibrators are not synchronized, resulting in front and back vibration of the screen and obvious left and right vibration.

Shaking from left to right will cause serious deformation of the mesh frame and serious damage to the beam. In view of this situation, we need to adjust the vibration motor in time to reach the standard of normal operation of the equipment.

This is the common reason analysis and countermeasure for the sudden stop of the vibrating screen when it is working. Of course, if reliable equipment is selected in practice, the possibility of this situation is relatively low.

The TSX vibrating screen adopts the national leading screen mesh. The polyurethane frame is convenient for disassembly and assembly. TSX sieve plate has high opening rate, no blockage, and good dehydration and disintermediation effects.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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