How To Identify TSX Circular And Horizontal Vibrating Screen?

Now there are many kinds of vibrating screens on the market. The most used vibrating screens are the horizontal vibrating screen and the circular motion vibrating screen used for grading. How should we distinguish the TSX circular motion vibrating screen from the TSX horizontal vibrating screen?

The vibration exciter used for the TSX circular motion vibrating screen is RDQ exciter. RDQ excitation unit changes the old mode of providing excitation force with eccentric shaft and forms an independent excitation system with bearings and eccentric blocks. The two independent excitation systems are synchronized through the connection of rubber discs and intermediate connecting shafts.

The independent excitation system is fixed on the side plate of the screen machine to provide excitation force for the screen body. Therefore, it is applied to the classification of primary and secondary materials. The TSX circular motion vibrating screen has a certain tilt angle, which is not easy to place in the workshop.

The TSX horizontal vibrating screen uses Motor rotate and then the belt transmission is adjusted speed,Transfer exciting force to drive shaft by layshaft assembly,Provide exciting force by  the exciter running. The angle is 45° between direction of exciting force and horizontal plane,

The linear vibrating force acts on the screen to vibrate by springs. The dynamic load of screen base support can be reduced by the is mainly used for the classification, desliming and media removal of coal or non-coal materials. The materials on the TSX horizontal vibrating screen move smoothly on the sieve plate.

The vibration exciter for TSX horizontal vibrating screen is a double shaft vibration exciter of ZDQ series. The TSX horizontal vibrating screen is designed with small screen surface inclination angle and low screen height, which is convenient for distribution in workshops.

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