How To Improve The Capacity Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

To improve the function of the vibrating screen to choose the right vibrating motor, as a common tool that can be sieved can be graded, resorption use frequency is quite a lot, to make it maximize the life, reasonable use.

  1. Selection of vibrating motor

The source of vibration of Vibrating screen is vibrating motor, vibrating motor is an important component, it can control the frequency of work, the size of vibration excitation force, power, etc., to have a simple and reasonable design, compact, easy to install and commission, save energy efficiency, etc.,

  1. Adjustment of excitation force

The production capacity of Vibrating screen is related to the excitation force, the higher the excitation force, the higher the productivity will be increased, and the blockage rate is inversely proportional to the excitation force, the higher the excitation force, the lower the blockage rate will be.

  1. Installation of sieve cleaning device

The device for automatically cleaning the screen can be installed, which can not only greatly reduce the risk of being blocked but also improve the work efficiency. The bouncing ball jumps on the screen surface, making the stuck materials fall through the impact, so that the materials can more easily pass through the screen to realize the role of cleaning the screen surface, and improving the output of the screen

  1. Adopt multi-feeding method

As the utilization rate of the screen surface is not high, you can add more than one feeding port, it is the same as increasing the width of the screen surface, effectively solve the problem of poor utilization rate, which is conducive to the screening of small materials

In addition, operation and maintenance also have an impact on the performance of the vibrating screen, to operate correctly, reasonable use in the case of improving the screening rate, to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the sieve machine, clean the screen surface on time, even if the maintenance, find the problem in time to solve, to ensure that the sieve in good condition operation.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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