How To Improve The Frequency Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screening equipment application field is very much, widely used in coal, sand and gravel, chemical, metal metallurgy, construction, and other industries in more and more industries to choose, but different industries need to choose different kinds of vibrating screen, and the efficiency of each vibrating screen is also different.

The vibrating screen works by using the vibration produced by the exciter. The vibration of the vibrating screen will cause the screen plate to produce a plane gyratory motion together, and in the operation process, the motor of the vibrating screen machine is connected to the vibrator by belt or soft connection.

Vibrating screen is usually used for grading when the vibrating screen is generally low frequency and large amplitude, so that it is easier to screen, for dewatering, deintermediate when the vibrating screen should be selected with high frequency and small amplitude, for screening viscous material operations should be selected with low frequency and large amplitude.

Adjustment method: open the end cover of the vibrating motor on the vibrating screen, there is a cam inside, generally there is a scale on it, adjust the cam how much to achieve the size of the frequency.

The motor of the vibrating screen also affects the vibration frequency, you can change the rotational speed of the vibrating screen motor or increase the reduction ratio, so that the frequency of the vibrating screen can be improved. And, increase the speed of the vibrating machine or increase the acceleration ratio, which can also increase the frequency of the vibrating screen.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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