How To Improve The Screening Efficiency Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

The screening efficiency of TSX vibrating screen will be affected by factors such as material moisture content, difficulty in screening, material size, screening area, etc. Under the condition of not being affected by external factors, we can use some other methods to calculate the screening efficiency of TSX vibrating screen.

To improve the screening efficiency of the TSX vibrating screen, for difficult to screen materials and fine materials, we can appropriately increase the vibration tilt angle and reduce the downward tilt angle of the screen surface.

Both methods can slow down the running speed of materials. The circular vibrating screen can rotate against the flow of materials by adjusting the rotation direction of the vibrator, to extend the contact time between materials and the screen surface to facilitate screening, but the handling capacity will be relatively reduced. For large particles and easily screened materials, the vibration inclination angle can be reduced, and the downward inclination angle of the screen surface can be increased to improve the material flow speed and increase the output.

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

The screen body of TSX vibrating screen uses the finite element analysis method to design a reasonable combination of linear screen and vibrating screen. The exciter of TSX vibrating screen uses SKF special bearing, which has a long service life, light structure, good sealing, fast heat dissipation, low noise, convenient maintenance, durability, and reliability.

Horizontal Sand Mesh Sieve

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