How To Install The Gravel Vibrating Sieve?

When you buy a gravel vibrating sieve, you must have understood how to use the gravel vibrating screen before buying, so in addition to using it, there is another important factor, that is, installation, generally installing a gravel vibrating screen.

There are two situations, one is the seat type, the other is the suspension type, the first seat type, when installing the gravel vibrating screen, the ground to be placed must be flat, without potholes or slopes, and If there are potholes, after the necessary filling and leveling, they must be rolled repeatedly to ensure that no subsidence will occur. The main purpose of this operation is to prevent local subsidence problems, which will cause the screen machine to lose balance and dump, and unknown accidents will occur. Danger.

If necessary, we can also provide installation drawings, that is, how to use the tower crane to move. In addition to the movement of the entire vibrating screen, there is also the installation of each component. We will install each part for you before leaving the factory, such as Bolts, etc., but due to the uncertainty of sea transportation, after the product arrives, the first thing to do is to check the integrity of each component and carefully check whether there is any drop, rather than directly installing it.

Even after installation, the necessary test must be carried out first, and it must be idle for more than 4 hours. Although we have also conducted a 4-hour test before delivery, for safety reasons, please remember to still perform the test.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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