How To Interpret The Product Maintenance Manual Of Vibrating Screen?

This manual is applicable to various vibrating screens produced by our company, including ACS (circular motion vibrating screen), AHS (horizontal vibrating screen), ABS (banana vibrating screen), ABFS (banana type flip-flop screen), ABHS (horizontal flip-flop screen), AHF (high-frequency screen), AVR (sieve bend) and ARS (grizzly feeder).

Its core technology is based on the actual situation in China, based on digesting and absorbing the vibrating screens imported from German companies, summarizing our years of experience in research, design, and field use of the screen machine, and combining the national conditions in China, the new series of vibrating screens developed can replace USK, USL and other series of vibrating screens.

Through long-term production practice, it has been proved that the vibrating screen produced by our company has a series of advantages, such as large handling capacity, reasonable technical parameters, high structural strength and stiffness, high serialization, generalization and standardization, stable and reliable operation, low noise, and convenient maintenance and repair.

With the increasing expansion of the application field, the further improvement of the processing technology and manufacturing equipment, the screen machine structure is more reasonable, and the quality is significantly improved, which is highly praised by users.

As for the maintenance of the vibration exciter, a pair of new vibration exciters should be inspected after 5000 hours of operation (NJ vibration exciters should be inspected after 10000 hours of operation), and the bearing should be replaced if it is damaged or when the service life of the bearing ends. The operator should be very familiar with the running sound of the bearing.

If the noise changes, especially when it starts to make a dull noise, it indicates that the bearing is deteriorating.

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TSX Screen

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